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Did you know that the average Australian woman is a size 14/16? Paying a visit to any clothing store in Melbourne and you’d think otherwise. Most retailers still insist on catering to smaller sizes when it comes to lingerie, and don’t offer many options for those of us who want larger sizes. What is the average plus size woman supposed to do when she’d like to wear a pretty, matching set of lingerie? We say skip the Melbourne shops and head online to Buxom Envy.

At Buxom Envy, we create lingerie for the plus size woman that highlights and flaunts her figure without compromising on comfort. We don’t think that your body needs to be covered up and hidden, but rather that you need lingerie that’s been professionally fitted to your body.

Our plus size lingerie offers the above and more. All you need to do is complete our simple online fitting experience to enjoy it for yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing flattering, curve enhancing lingerie that is sure to skyrocket your self-esteem the moment you put it on.


When we’re professionally fitting plus size bras for clients, we look at various factors. First, the bra must be comfortable. It needs to fit well and stay in place when you bend or stretch. In terms of aesthetics, it needs to create a perky silhouette, lifting the breasts and enhancing their shape.

We have found that most plus size bras require a higher centre gore height to reduce motion and increase stability. This allows the cup to function optimally even when the bra itself is deep cut. The generous addition of rigid and fusing materials also helps.

Did you know that many in store bra fitters have little to no training? Many are primed to make sales and will assure you that an ill-fitting bra looks great when it really doesn’t. They can also try convince you that wearing a bra that ‘almost fits’ is a suitable option.

At Buxom Envy, we couldn’t disagree with the above sentiment more! After all, investing in a bra is an expense where you’re parting with your hard-earned cash. If you aren’t 100% happy with your choice, then visit Buxom Envy where we can guarantee the perfect fit.

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