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What is a plus size bra, and why do you need one?

Many plus size women living in Melbourne go through life thinking that the bra options available off the rack and on shop shelves are sufficient for their needs.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Plus size women and women with fuller chests require speciual bras that have been customised to their unique dimensions. However, the relaity is that Australia has no Standard Size Coding Scheme for women’s clothing. This means that every retailer can create their own sizing, so a bra that would fit you in one store, would not fit you in another.

Buxom Envy is an Australian brand that strives to solve this challenge faced by many plus size women, so that we can help improve their self-esteem, wellbeing, and personal comfort.

To ensure that every women gets the same bra opportunities, we have created a unique and comprehensive online fitting service. This means that by simply visiting our website, you can arrange for the perfect plus size bra to be professionally fitted to you exact measurements.

Not only do we offer plus size bras and matching lingerie, but we also fit plus size swimwear, plus size maternity bras, plus size lymphoedema bras, and more.

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The moment you put on a custom fit plus size bra form Buxom Envy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to wear anything else. Our bras take into consideration the thickness and support required for wiring, and we integrate side and waist reinforcement needed, while still paying attention to elements such as comfortable, long lasting fabrics that wont run.

You’ll be able to look your best without compromising on your posture and breast health. You’re never too young to have a plus size bra fitted. In fact, the younger you are the better, as offering support and shaping helps to prevent future sagging by ensuring the Cooper’s ligaments in your chest area aren’t under constant stretching pressure.

Every woman will experience changes to their shape and cup size over time, and from puberty onwards you will probably move through several of them. Buxom Envy can support you through whichever one you find yourself in.

View our extensive range today!

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